Simon and Sanne in Wisseloord Studio June 17, 2016


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Racoon Live at HMH – Review June 16, 2016

This album was mixed by Ronald Prent in Wisseloord studio 2:

Heading Up High went platinum! #kensington #armin April 29, 2016

Congratulations guys! The band-section of the track was partly written & recorded in Wisseloord studio 2.

Some serious flute magic!! December 16, 2015

Some serious flute magic!!

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Wisseloord Studio Tour June 16, 2015

In this video we get to tour Wisseloord Studios in Holland. This is some of the footage James collected on his recent trip to meet with the guys from DWB Music and we get to look in the live rooms, the control rooms and some of the spaces we don’t normally get to see in a professional studio like the machine rooms and storage spaces. Did James raid the drum room for classic snare drums? You will have to watch to find out.

The Common Linnets win an ECHO award! March 26, 2015

The ECHO 2015 in the category “Best Newcomer International” goes to The Common Linnets!


Interface Pro Audio Summit Awards February 24, 2015

Congratulations to all Award winners on this year’s Interface Pro Audio Summit Awards !!
JB Meijers for “Producer of the year”, Martijn Groeneveld for “Engineer of the year”, Darius van Helfteren for “Mastering Engineer of the year”, Floris Klinkert with FabFilter for “Most Innovative Product of the year” & our own Ronald Prent for “Mix Engineer of the year”.

More info at

Tabaluga @ the Hamburg Planetarium April 8, 2014

Tabaluga is back – bigger and better than ever!  Our intrepid little dragon friend is making his world premiere at the Hamburg Planetarium this week. Peter Maffay’s “Tabaluga und die Zeichen der Zeit” has been transformed into a spectacular 360-degree animation to be viewed on their 21-meter full-dome screen, accompanied by mind-blowing three-dimensional music and sound-design to match.  Mixed here at Wisseloord in discrete 10.1 by engineer Ronald Prent with producer Peter Keller, the audio has been translated for playback on the planetarium’s Atmosphea 3D sound system.
This show is definitely a visual and musical experience not to be missed.  We sure can’t reproduce it here in it’s full glory, but here’s a bite-sized taste: Tabaluga Trailer

The Common Linnets representing Netherlands at Eurovision Song Contest 2014 March 21, 2014

The Common Linnets (Ilse DeLange and Waylon) will be representing the Netherlands at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen with their hit single “The Calm After The Storm.”  This gorgeous, moody track was written by the Dutch/American songwriting team of Ilse DeLange, JB Meijers, Rob Crosby, Matthew Crosby, and Jake Etheridge, and was recorded in part here at Wisseloord.  It was mixed here on the API by Ronald and mastered by Darcy.  Ronald will be heading to Denmark with the “Linnets” for set-up and sound check. Good luck, Ilse and Waylon!  You’ve got our votes already!

Link to the YouTube Video clip:

Here comes the sun! March 20, 2014

Maybe spring hasn’t totally sprung yet, but the weather has certainly taken a turn for the better, which means the Wisseloord Café is once again serving lunches and drinks on the terrace!  Come join us for some great food and a breath of fresh air.  You can read more about our café here: [link to RESTAURANT] and meet our outstanding café team here

Welcome aboard, Sander and Pier-Durk!

Welcome aboard, Sander and Pier-Durk!
The mastering team has tripled in size which means we’re now up to…(drumroll, please)…three!
We’re very happy to introduce Sander van der Heide and Pier-Durk Hogeterp as our new colleagues in the mastering department.
Sander is a well-established multi-platinum mastering engineer who comes to us from his own “Saint Of Sound” facility, and Pier-Durk is a fresh, young set of expert ears with an enthusiasm for new music and an impressive list of cutting edge clientele.
Get to know these guys better by checking them out here:  SANDER and PIER-DURK
Wisseloord Studio team-15

Unveiling “The Vintage Room”

Unveiling “The Vintage Room”

Wisseloord is proud to announce the unveiling of its new Studio 4, a.k.a. “The Vintage Room” – a one-room concept studio combining the atmosphere of a cozy living room with an incredible mix of vintage gear and modern conveniences.  Read more about it here
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Peter Maffay does it again February 24, 2014

Congratulations to Peter Maffay & his team !!!
The new album, “Wenn Das So Ist”, shot directly to ‘Number One’ on the German charts this week!

This is his 16th ‘Number One’ album – setting a World Record. With more than 40 million records and 10 million concert tickets sold over his 44-year musical career, Peter Maffay is now the most successful German chart artist of all times.

The album, recorded and mixed by Ronald and mastered by Darcy, is gathering much praise for it’s sound quality and is accompanied with a live DVD in the Deluxe Edition.

2014 Grammy Nomination November 1, 2013

While Darcy’s last Grammy hasn’t even gotten the time to settle down here at the Wisseloord studios,  a new nomination for “Best Surround Sound Album”has come in for the 2014 Grammy’s. Once again it is Darcy who has taken care of the mastering for Jane Ira Bloom’s Sixteen Sunset album alongside Jim Anderson. Winners will be announced Sunday, January 26th.

THE GRAMMY HAS ARRIVED! October 29, 2013

Wisseloord’s Darcy Proper, Jim Anderson (engineer), and Mike Friedman (Premonition Records) were delighted to receive their actual Grammy Awards this week.  These were awarded back in February for their work on Patricia Barber’s stunning “Modern Cool” PureAudio BluRay release but, because none of the actual trophies are made until the winners are announced, it takes several weeks for them to be sent to the lucky recipients.  Here’s a the official photo of these happy folks taken backstage in Los Angeles just moments after their names were announced as winners in the Best Surround Sound Album category.

Darcy + Team receive Grammy

Darcy + Team receive Grammy