Fieke started here as an intern in 2012, impressed us with her skills and dedication, and has been a highly respected member of our team ever since.

Fieke was involved in music from an early age, playing classical accordion and piano. In a brief course of study in Celtic Languages and Cultures, she developed a fascination in Early music and folk, leading to her take up the unusual ancient instruments, hurdy gurdy and hammered dulcimer.

At the Music Technology faculty of the Utrecht School of Arts she enhanced her already broad musical skills with classes in music theory, composition, production, and studio technology; first mainly focusing on film music, but slowly shifting her attention towards recording and mixing. With her Master’s degree in hand, she joined us here at Wisseloord to gain session experience and fine tune her technical and communication skills in a professional studio environment.


One of her professional goals is to show the world the value of high-end recording studios, helping musicians recognize and appreciate the immense impact good recording and production techniques can have on their music and how it touches their listeners.

Since her arrival here, Fieke has assisted on sessions for: Gotthard, Clouseau, Van Canto, Alain Clark, and Ilse DeLange, among others.