When it comes to working with new bands and artists, Danish-born Jonas Filtenborg loves to get involved in the creative process as early as possible. “It’s about establishing a personal and musical connection with the artist and figuring out their ultimate goal prior to recording. From there, in my role as producer/engineer, my ears are trained to make decisions that can take the song to the next level – which idea is strongest, which sounds to choose to support it, which arrangement works best. It’s a musical journey.”

His passion for the creative process began in his ‘former life’ as a drummer. Although many engineers’ resumes may show an impressive list of artists, not many can say they’ve actually played with them – and we’re talking Sisters Sledge, Roy Hargrove, Westlife, Gloria Gaynor, Alain Clark, Beef!, Relax…

All this on-stage experience translates clearly into his studio approach. “Great songs with a strong chorus are always key, but being able to convince the audience when playing a song live is also a big part of getting the message across. I always keep this in mind when producing.” Embracing the philosophy that the technology serves the music, Jonas feels equally at home in front of the Euphonix, API, or our vintage Neve mixing consoles.

“Relocating my studio work to Wisseloord stepped up my game a thousand-fold. It’s a tremendously inspirational surrounding to produce and write with artists.”

We’re very pleased to have such well-rounded producer/engineer in our family. Whether it’s songwriting, producing, or recording, Jonas faces the challenge with confidence and with his trademark positive attitude. As he puts it himself: “Everything starts with enthusiasm. Always.” Since his arrival at Wisseloord in 2012, he’s already impressed the likes of Doe Maar/Postmen/Gers Pardoel, Jonathan Jeremiah, Stevie Ann, Miguel, Jake Bugg, Andy Burrows, The Medics and many others.