Sander started working at Wisseloord in 1993 while studying Music Technology at the Rotterdam Conservatory. Mastering Marco Borsato’s hit single “Dromen Zijn Bedrog” immediately kicked his budding career into high gear, and launched an impressive list of number one selling singles and albums for other prestigious local and international artists.

After a decade at the studio, including two years as managing director, Sander crossed the border to Galaxy Studios in Belgium. There he honed his skills in mastering surround audio for DVD and SACD projects. Eventually, he returned home to The Netherlands, briefly working at Polyhymnia Studios before opening his own mastering facility: The Saint of Sound.

When invited to become part of Wisseloord’s new mastering department, Sander gladly joined the team. As he puts it himself:

“Even with 20 years of experience, this room with its amazing acoustics and monitoring system gives me the opportunity to further refine my skills, and truly enjoy the music I’m working on.”

Thanks to the high caliber of his work and the artists he’s worked with, Sander is a multi-platinum-selling mastering engineer. His credit list includes best-sellers for: Marco Borsato, Anouk, Bløf, Lionel Richie, UB40, Guano Apes, Rammstein, Gare du Nord, Junkie XL, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Noa and Within Temptation.

Sander is also an expert in gadgets and consumer electronica, appearing on several TV programs and writing for a number of websites and magazines.