Wisseloord is a professional studio facility located in Hilversum, the media capital of The Netherlands, just 25 minutes from Amsterdam, tucked away in a lush, green neighborhood.


Built in 1978, Wisseloord has a rich, celebrated history in the music business, and since 2012, it now houses the advanced technology and aesthetic that will take it into the future.

Wisseloord has been more than just renovated; it has been transformed.  The old soul of Wisseloord still remains  - the relaxed atmosphere and the vintage vibe.  Just check out our collection of vintage instruments, amplifiers, and outboard gear, if you need convincing.  But taking a peek under the hood, you’ll discover that the entire facility has been meticulously outfitted with everything necessary to make a giant leap into the future.


What do we mean, exactly?  Well, it’s our belief that, just as in the world of picture where HD, 3D, 4K, 8K are becoming household terms, the world of consumer audio is evolving, heading into the world of high resolution – 5.1, 10.1, 96K, 192K, DXD, and beyond.  It’s a world where the consumer listening experience is coming ever closer to what artists and musicians have always enjoyed while working in the studio.

Working in these cutting edge formats can be challenging, there’s nothing to hide behind anymore.  Flaws in the recording or mixing or mastering processes are shown in sharp relief in the end product.  But, boy, when you get it right from beginning to end, the results are breath-taking!

Our historic studios have been refitted from literally the ground up  - new foundations, isolation, power, acoustics, cabling, consoles, monitor systems.  No detail has been overlooked to ensure that we get your project right, right from the start.  Combine these new tools and technology with an experienced team that’s been working in high-resolution technology since its inception, and you’ve got a formula for making great recordings, now and in the future.


We’re very proud of Wisseloord and its impressive history.  Now, with our new studios and state-of-the-art tools, we look forward to carrying on its music-making tradition in today’s challenging industry.  Many legends have sat down here to be inspired by the acoustics, the technology, and the relaxed environment.  We welcome you to join us and become part of Wisseloord’s bright future.