Two state-of-the-art mastering rooms

Mastering 1 occupies the old recording space and was the first of all the studios at Wisseloord to re-open after the renovation. At 60m2 (650 sq. ft.), it’s an absolutely luxurious amount of space for a mastering room and, boy, does it sound great! Kudos to friend and acoustician Jochen Veith.
The monitors are Egglestonworks Savoy’s powered by Krell, and the centerpiece of the room is the SPL MMC1 console. Mastering 1 features a full complement of analog outboard gear for working in stereo and surround, as well as an assortment of high quality digital tools.

Mastering 2 is in the former control room of Studio 3. While a slightly smaller space – 44m2 (475sq.ft.)- it is designed to be as similar as possible to Mastering 1 in terms of acoustics and monitoring. Therefore, we can once again thank Jochen Veith, Egglestonworks, and Krell for the excellent listening environment. Mastering 2 features the MMC2 mastering console and an impressive array of high-end outboard gear, both analog and digital.<br class=””></br> Both rooms are equipped with an array of top quality A-to-D/ D-to-A converters and are clocked with Antilope’s highly accurate and stable clocking system. <br class=””></br>With décor in warm tones of deep red and rosewood, and seriously comfy chairs, we hope to have taken away some of the “dentist office” atmosphere that often surrounds the mastering process. Come celebrate the last stage of making your record with us here in Wisseloord.

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