A studio designed for bands

At roughly 113 m2 (1215 sq. ft.), it’s a more intimate space than Studio1.

We went to great lengths to preserve the age-old acoustic, even lifting the existing structure to build a new foundation underneath it. At roughly 113 m2 (1215 sq. ft.), it’s a more intimate space than Studio1. The flexible architecture features an open drum booth and movable walls which allow the room to be subdivided into three separate spaces, providing good acoustic isolation while allowing all-important eye contact between musicians.

The control room is identical to Studio 1 in terms of the outstanding Jochen Veith acoustics and custom PMC monitoring, but Studio 2 features a custom API Vision mixing desk, originally developed years ago in collaboration with our own Ronald Prent. This fully-discrete analog console allows for simultaneous mixing in both stereo and surround, helping you save time and money. For those looking to go “old school,” a choice of analog tape machines is available for tracking and printing. As in Studio 1, the unique docking “garage” system for outboard gear allows for great flexibility in choices for signal processing. Check out what’s available in our outboard gear inventory, let us know your favorites, and we’ll get you started.


API Vision with 48 channels and 24 stereo effect-returns located in the patchbay. Each channel has a gate, compressor and EQ. 48 Mic-preamps are located in the centersection.


PMC BB5 XBD for left and right PMC BB5 for center PMC MB2 XBD for for left surround and right surround PMC AML 2 for midfield monitoring Additional nearfield monitors available (NS10, KRK, Quested, ProAcc)

Pro Tools

  • Protools 2018 on a Mac Pro  6 x 3,5 Ghz Intel Xeon E5
  • 64 Gbyte RAM
  • 2 x 1 TByte internal SATA-storage for audio
  • AD- and DA conversion with Prism Sound ADA-8XR. 48 inputs & 64 outputs in total


48 analog inputs & 64 analog outputs on Prism ADA8XR. Clocking done by Antelope trinity (both video ref & wordclock) with Axon sync distribution

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