The modern room

The ideal space to write, produce, record & mix on the fly

Studio 4 was born by popular demand from our clients. The request was for a production and writing studio with a modern look and feel, and the technical amenities necessary for smaller productions, tracking sessions, collaborative songwriting, and the like.  

The result is a cozy control room – about 23m2 (247 sq.ft.) – featuring an API The Box mixing desk and divers A-Class outboard. This great sounding small format console is complemented by an up-to-date ProTools 12 rig and a large selection of DAW’s and plugins to facilitate the modern producers. Studio 4 has also a great sounding live room of 25m2 (269 sq.ft.) where engineers and artists can record while using the impressive backline present in Wisseloord.


Euphonix system 5 with fully loaded 6-card DSP-core 144 channels @ high sample rates (88,2 kHz & 96 kHz) 288 channels @ low sample rates (44,1 kHz & 48 kHz) Control surface has 32 strips, the center-section has 8 strips Fully configurable to the engineer’s preferences


PMC BB5 XBD for left and right PMC BB5 for center PMC MB2 XBD for for left surround and right surround PMC AML 2 for midfield monitoring Additional nearfield monitors available (NS10, KRK, Quested, ProAcc)

Pro Tools

Protools 12.7.1 on a Mac Pro  2 x 2,4 Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 48 Gbyte RAM 2 x 2 TByte internal SATA-storage for audio UAD 2 Satellite Octo + All UAD Plugins 2 x MADI HD I/O providing 128 inputs and outputs on any sample rate


Clocking by Antelope trinity with Axon sync distribution 64 Euphonix micpreamps controlled from the System5′s control surface 96 channels of Prism Sound ADA8XR A-to-D conversion 32 channels of Prism Sound ADA8XR D-to-A conversion additional 16 channels of Euphonix D-to-A conversion Colin Broad 9-pin synchroniser integrated in the Euphonix software

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